12th International Collage Show

The annual ICE exhibition is up and running on again at the Real Tart Gallery in New Plymouth.The image ‘errata’ above is one of the thirteen (13) I sent for inclusion this year.Like most Australians; I’ve travelled to some very far flung destinations…sometimes taking days to do so and yet I’ve never flown the few hours it takes to reach New Zealand.
Every year I keep saying that we should flydrive the length and breadth of both islands and every year something else comes up.

Perhaps I have a subconscious notion that I will fall deeply in love with this fabled land and feel compelled to pull up roots and move.

You can have stickybeak at the photos the indefatigable Dale Copeland—artist and organiser; has posted on her blog.

The gallery space looks interesting doesn't it?
As some of you may have noticed; I am redecorating again.
Why…you might be wondering? Methinks it’s rather like when start shifting things around in my studio…I have to clear away the clutter in order to start working again.